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Virtual Fellowship Details

Join How Women lead in their initiative in committing to reproductive health, rights, & justice work. This cohort is the beginning of our multipronged effort to support the fight over our basic human rights. 

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Application Deadline

Fellowship Year

Program Intensive

February 25, 2022

Apr 15 - May 27, 2022

Apr 15, 2022 - Apr 28, 2023

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Elevating and Mobilizing the Changemakers of Our Time

These are times of immense challenge and exciting possibility for leaders in the field of reproductive health, rights, and justice. While determined feminist activism has made possible stunning advances in abortion access from Mexico to Nepal, Ireland and Argentina, abortion bans are taking hold in the US and Poland. Women Leaders for the World wants to support and guide non-profit CEOs and Directors in this fight. It's time to act now!

What we're looking for:

If you are in need of a peer and expert group from around the world to reflect with and reenergize, re-center your vision and goals, develop a new personal and professional plan, hone your skills, and obtain advice, WLW’s Virtual Spring 2022 Cohort is what you’ve been waiting for. 


You could be one of 20 women non-profit CEOs/Executive Directors from anywhere in the world - working in service delivery, community education and mobilization, advocacy, strategic litigation and/or philanthropy to advance Reproductive Health and Reproductive Justice (RHRJ).

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What the journey will look like:

  • Yearlong fellowship in a diverse, energetic and vibrant environment that includes workshops and webinars

  • Program launches with a day long retreat on March 4th, following 2 weeks of  asynchronous learning

  • 1 month intensive training happening twice-a-week in 3.5-hour virtual sessions delivered through strong facilitation and interactive activities

  • 6 months of personalized executive coaching

  • 12 months of expert advising tailored to your needs

  • Lifetime membership in a global alumni network from 40 countries

  • Regular access to training and workshops with funders and changemakers in RHRJ

  • Tools to support best practices for self-care and leadership sustainability 


Tuition is $4,000 USD. Our goal is to make our fellowships accessible, scholarships are available to ensure no one is unable to participate because of cost.

A Program Fueled by Quality Facilitators, Catalytic Speakers, Coaches & Advisors

Latanya Mapp Frett

Featured Speaker

President, Global Fund for Women

Gretchen Sisson

Featured Speaker

Sociologist and Reproductive Health Advocate

Tamara Krenin

Featured Speaker

Director, Population and Reproductive Health at

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

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How To Apply:


Submit your online application below via Submittable. We'll review your information and get back to you 3-4 weeks after the application deadline.



If you are selected to move on to the next round, our team will invite you to participate in a phone interview.



Our selection committee will reach out to you with a decision within 2 weeks after your phone interview. 


WLW How to Apply
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Meet Our Women Leaders:

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 3.22.02 AM.png

Meet the women leaders & change-makers from past Women Leaders for the World cohorts.


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Get to know the coaches who will guide you on your transformational, virtual 

WLW journey. 



As a WLW Global Advisor, you'll invest in a woman leader, help amplify her voice & scale her impact. 


  • What are the fellowship components?
    The WLW Fellowship Includes: Match with Global Advisors Month-long intensive training kickoff with interactive sessions 12 months of advising from senior executives and non-profit experts 6 months of small group coaching Tools for behavior change & self-care best practices Year-long exclusive access to trainings and workshops with business experts and non
  • How much does the fellowship cost?
    We believe in the importance of accessibility and affordability for this fellowship as it is a valuable investment in yourself. With a price of only $6,000 USD and scholarship opportunities available, we ensure that cost is not a barrier to participation.
  • How many hours do I need to devote per week? What is the work pace like?
    The year-long fellowship kicks-off with an intensive 4-week training that you will experience alongside your cohort. During these first 4 weeks, you should expect to invest approximately 12 hours per week, which includes 6 hours of interactive virtual sessions, and 6 hours of self-paced, asynchronous learning. For the remainder of the year, you should set aside 8 -10 hours per month. This includes calls with global advisors, coaches, peer group & cohort calls, as well as prep time for these calls. The 8-10 hours also includes one workshop and one webinar per month.
  • What can I expect after completing WLW? What are the outcomes?
    Upon completion of the Women Leaders for the World fellowship, you can expect to be at your full potential with a bold new vision for scaling your social impact. You’ll leave with strengthened leadership skills, a broader network of support, and powerful connections with other global leaders. You will possess new tools and strategies for leadership success, as well as expanded access to funders and platforms to share your causes and innovative ideas
  • Will I get to know other women? How do you approach community building in your online program?
    Absolutely! You will create lifelong bonds with your cohort leaders who will have your back, celebrate your successes and hold you tight on your setbacks. You will create a sisterhood with women leaders who will inspire you to keep moving forward towards your mission. There will be many sessions aimed on building trust and empathy as well as on creating a safe space for vulnerability and dialogue with the intention of creating deep connections.
  • What kind of support can I expect throughout the fellowship?
    Throughout the yearlong fellowship, you will have the support of your facilitator, your global advisors, your coach and definitely of your peers through individual monthly calls, groups calls and social media private groups.
MENINI Monica.jpeg

“It is always very important that when we meet people, we seek to understand each other and know that we are not alone. And being a part of the WLW fellowship provided me with a heightened level of support, community, and resources. It was such a great experience to have a community there to get to know us, love us, accompany us and follow us through our social impact journeys. That’s one of the things that this program supported me with."

Monica Menini,
2018 WLW Graduate,
Advisor, Catolicas por el derecho a decidir, Argentina


If you need more information or want to nominate a fellow

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