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We believe the world is better when women lead - when YOU lead.

We are designed specifically for women who are at the top of their leadership game.

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Women Leaders for the World (WLW)

We gather global social impact leaders as fellows solving some of the world’s most intractable problems. These change-makers and activists from the nonprofit sector, media, government, and business go through an intensive experiential process to break-through old paradigms and advance to new levels of personal and professional leadership. They are then supported with coaching and partnered with accomplished Global Advisors for a full year.

There is a role for you.

Become a Global Advisor,

partner with one of these courageous change makers.

Become a Global Fellow,

up your leadership game and scale your impact.


 and support these global game changers.

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Colorful Buildings

​Do you crave a transformational experience where you can forge lifelong friendships while gaining the courage and inspiration to reimagine your life and your career?

We Thought So.

Guatemalan Market

That's why we've designed retreat opportunities for 20 women leaders to come together to expand their horizons, push past their limiting beliefs and embark on a journey to design their own future. Our leadership curriculum ignites a powerful journey of self-exploration that unfolds against beautiful backdrops of international destinations like Cuba and Guatemala -  the perfect locations for fresh thinking and bold ideas.

Retreats will restart after the pandemic.

Aimee Allison 1.jpg

Aimee Allison

"How Women Lead opened up possibilities for my own leadership and role by surrounding me with amazing supportive women who were full of yes."

Charlene Li (1).jpg

Charlene Li

"Completing the HWL board training resulted in getting a corporate board seat within a year."

Jasmine Kim (1).jpg

L. Jasmine Kim

"The programming  and the platform for lift.  When we align with the truth of who we are, all things are possible."

Lisen Stromberg (1).jpg

Lisen Stromberg

"A most powerful event I’ve been in a long time. I’ve added over 100 people to my LinkedIn network in a matter of 3 days."

Monica Pal 1.jpg

Monica Pal

"The programming is amazing but so is the energy and the platform for lift.  When we align with the truth of who we are, all things are possible."