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Women investing in women.

Join The New Table.

Gone are the days of waiting for a seat at the table—we’re building a new one where women investors fund female founders. 


“Today’s a new day. Women have the power, wealth and influence to come together and create a new table of sisterhood that will change the face of venture capital and as a result change the world. We can make an impact together.”

—Julie Castro Abrams, Founder & CEO, How Women Lead and Managing Partner, How Women Invest

 Together let's change the inequity and bias in venture capital.

Reason to take the pledge

Women have more power than ever, more opportunity than ever, and more wealth than ever before. By 2025, women will inherit $28 Trillion and by 2030 women will control 66% of US Wealth. It’s time to leverage that power and increase the number of women sitting on corporate boards and fund more women-owned businesses.

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Join us in this movement.

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