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Supporting Women to Step Into Positions of Power with Jaclyn Jackson

When you put yourself out there for the service of others, that will come back to you tenfold in the number of people that show up in support of you. This week’s episode 42 of How Women Inspire Podcast is about supporting women to step into positions of power!

In this episode of How Women Inspire Podcast, Julie Castro Abrams and Jaclyn Jackson share the importance of setting the example of what it looks like to wholeheartedly support others and how you can put yourself out there in service of other women leaders.

Today’s guest, Jaclyn Jackson is the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for our country’s National Equity Fund. She leads talent development, culture, and strategic planning and even oversees marketing communications so that they can meet their mission to deliver innovative and collaborative financial solutions and expand the creation and preservation of affordable housing in this country. Jaclyn is a brilliant, strong, and mission-driven agent of change who has committed her career to maximize the impact of all nonprofits, including her own. She has an MBA and a Masters in Human Resources from the Kellogg School of Management and a Bachelors in Business Administration from Devry University. Jaclyn is a board member of NHRMA Workers Comp Insurance company as well as my board for How Women Lead in Chicago. She sets a brilliant example for the world and I am honored to share her story with you all today.

Some of the talking points Julie and Jaclyn go over in this episode include:

  • The importance of providing access to affordable housing.

  • Creating a network of supportive women to surround yourself with and grow together.

  • A common trait that most male allies share that is valuable in their efforts to lift women up alongside them.

  • The call to action for all of us in supporting women to step into positions of even greater power.

  • Leadership skills that allowed Jaclyn to get to where she’s at today.

It is our purpose in life to support one another and encourage our fellow women to step into the leadership positions that will make an impact.

Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag me! And don’t forget to follow, rate, and review the podcast and tell me your key takeaways!



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