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Betty Achana

National Union of women with Disabilities Uganda


An Executive Director responsible for Team leadership at The National union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda. Technically the role entails Development, Implementation and Monitoring of Country Strategy, Ensuring continuous learning and knowledge management that supports the generation of evidence to improve Programme design and inform advocacy.
Specifically working on Empowering and building capacities of rural and grassroots women and girls for advocacy of their rights to ensure a strong women of power emerge and groom from the rural to urban and these Women are positioned and able to demand for their basic human rights. The end result of which should realize an awareness created and women empowered to monitor implementation of policies. In a nutshell, this creates respect for human dignity and promotes actions that build sustainable leadership in women.

Betty Achana


What is your story?

What drives your work?

A results driven, self-motivated and resourceful professional with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximize organizational performance and efficiency. Experienced in leading and growing departments of the organization to make them dynamic and progressive in an organization setting. My attention to detail and excellent time management skills means that every task is completed efficiently and to the highest possible standard. I am a peace and feminist advocate who strives to achieve the best in all areas, and I am always eager to learn new skills and advance my career. I have a calm and patient disposition meaning that I am able to work effectively under pressure and focus on the task at hand. I work well in teams, but also independently. I have excellent communication skills both orally and verbally and pay greater attention to detail in my work.

Describe your biggest strength as a leader

1. Strategic thinking
2. Mentorship
3. Team building
4. Listening and paying attention to detail

Describe your biggest challenge as a leader

Overwhelming expectation placed upon the leader in any leadership role is heavy and can undermine your skills.
As an introvert leader, many people take this for granted and under estimate the power of silent communication

About the
and the Project.



Vision & Mission

Vision: An inclusive and just society where women and girls with disabilities live dignified lives.

Mission: To promote effective inclusion and equal participation of girls and women with disabilities in all spheres of life.

Year Founded


No. of Employees


Years in the Organization

5 years

Annual Budget (USD)


Geographical Area Served

This is a National Organization which works across the country, has regional offices in the Northern, Eastern, southern and headquartered in the central part of the country. Specifically, works in 67Districts out of 146 districts in the country

Organizational /

Project Description

Empowering and capacity building rural and grassroot women and girls for advocacy of their rights:
1. A strong women of power emerge and groom from the rural to urban
2. Women positioned and able to demand for their basic human rights
3. Awareness created and women empowered to monitor implementation of policies

Why is this project important and timely?

What is the target population of your project? 

Target population is 50 women and Girls from Amolatar District.
These population will be trained and mentored to attain a level of capacity to the extent of public speaking

How will you know that you have achieved that impact? What data will you use to assess your impact?

1. Women are able to speak up and demand for their rights.
2. Women are able to take up Leadership positions in the different dynamics.
3. Women are able to contribute to policy reforms with a gender lense.

How do you anticipate this unique leadership education impacting you personally? What new skills are you hoping too develop & grow through this experience?

At a very personnel level, i desire to experience and learn any new skill, soft or not that will build me from this point to the next, which should be a firm unstaggering position of leadership,
I hope to specifically acquire new skills in public speaking, and policy formulation

Where would you like to see yourself professionally in the next 3 years?

If this training would do a miracle, then that miracle would be an acceleration to a leadership position at the helm of a powerful philanthropic organization so i can direct funds to and through the right channels for right purpose and right beneficiaries.

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