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Saying Yes to Helping Women Means Taking Action on Climate Change

Written by Julie Castro Abrams

This summer’s record heat and flooding and other climate crises have shown that climate change is undeniable. So if we want to support women, ensure businesses can operate and grow into the future, and stay ahead of costly changes required by regulators, taking action now is the solution. So why does this matter at How Women Lead?

Climate impacts women the most. Whether it is leaving school to help with growing food in increasingly challenging environments or increased chances for stillbirth due to rising heat, it is clear women are at the center of climate change.

So what can be done?

1. Mentor and Sustain Climate Leaders:

How Women Lead’s fellowship Women Leaders for the World supports leaders to sustain, innovate and get connected to influencers like you. Imagine supporting women leaders changing the world, courageously, against all odds. Women’s Earth Alliance is an example of one of our alums.

Do you want to be the difference in this area?

2. Invest in Climate Solutions

When you invest in women founders you inevitably are investing in values-based solutions. I should know. After working with over 6,000 women founders in my life, 99% have climate and community solutions as paramount focus. Not only will investing in women help the climate, but women founders often return more for their investors. So investing in women with your retirement funds and donor advised funds is a double benefit to you. Just look at our portfolio companies:

Sylvatex - a company making electric batteries

ReDish - fighting climate by ending the use of single-use containers

CZero- working on climate change from a supply chain perspective

Gaiascope - making power an investable asset - meet your climate procurement goals while giving corporate gifts

3. Learn about investing in a Venture firm that aligns with your climate values.

You are invited to The New Table—learn in community, take the pledge.

There is plenty we can do, it just takes intention and small bits of action to make great change. What is your next step going to be?

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