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the New Table

Your Next Steps…

Step 1

 DONE! Thank you for committing to invest in venture within 12 months.

Step 2
Invite five women to join you at The New Table.

 Download this graphic or create a short video using this prompt

 "I believe that we can build a New Table where women investors are funding women founders. I took the pledge to invest in venture in the next 12 months because____________."

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Step 3
Get Started on Your Investment Journey

As a non-accredited investor, you still have 2 ways to join us at the new table.

1. Attending angel investing and other classes so that you are prepared when you are qualified. 

2. Making other value aligned, non-venture investments.  

 Use our Values-Based Investing Tool:

Search below for venture firms that are aligned with your values and could be great partners for you.