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Global Advisors
Discover the captivating world of a Global Advisor's responsibilities, delve into the pathway to becoming one, and explore the profiles of our exceptional and dynamic leaders.

Elevating and Connecting Global Women Leaders

What we do
We bring together women leaders who are tomorrow’s Nobel Peace Prize winners, social change innovators and industry disruptors. Women Leaders for the World (WLW) is a transformative leadership training experience supported by a network of inspirational Global Advisors thathelp fellows expand their vision and accelerate their impact globally.

 Why we need you

Leading change is exhilarating - but it can be lonely at the top. We know that when women leaders are supported by their own ‘board of advisors’, they can go farther and sustain their impact. That’s where you come in. We’re inviting the best and brightest leaders in the business and not-for-profit sectors to join us as Global Advisors to our WLW fellows.

The Global Advisor: Your Impact and Influence

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 Your role

Becoming a Global Advisor is a powerful opportunity for you to leverage your expertise and propel ideas and solutions on a global scale. Our training fellows are women disruptors and innovators at the top of their game in tech, business, philanthropy, media, politics and social entrepreneurship. Each of our 20 fellows will be matched with Global Advisors for monthly phone calls for a year. Advisors and fellows will be matched according to expertise area and goals. You will impart knowledge, advice, and be a sounding board on strategic issues as well as connect fellows to new networks.

 Your commitment

• Advise a WLW fellow for one hour per month for 12 months via phone or video call.
•Meet and be matched to a WLW fellow at the "Meet Her" event.
• Attend a webinar introduction and trainings. Different date options to choose from.

• Contribute a tax deductible donation of $1,000 to support a WLW fellow's tuition fees.


Meet Our Global Advisors

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