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Lisa Mroz

Managing Director - Collabria, Inc

Business Development, Evaluation/Measuring Success/Impact, Executive Coaching/Organizational Development, Human Resources/Recruiting/Retaining Top Talent, Management of Staff/Teams and/or Projects, Marketing/Communications/Social Media, Succession Planning

Lisa Mroz


I love working with leaders to fulfill on their visions! I’ve worked with leaders of all types – from Fortune 100 with global responsibilities to small startups with big dreams. I excel at helping these leaders articulate their vision and strategy into implementable parts. I’m good at creating a structure and framework to guide decisions and actions. We focus on people, process and organizational change.

I’m committed to partnering with WLW and bringing expertise in the areas of stakeholder engagement, change leadership and strategic communications. I’m all about focusing on impact and the end result, and working side by side in service of your vision.

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