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Alice Dinu

Co-Founder - Saris AI /Ready Education

Board/Governance, Business Development, Evaluation/Measuring Success/Impact, Executive Coaching/Organizational Development, Finance, Human Resources/Recruiting/Retaining Top Talent, Impact/Social Investing, Management of Staff/Teams and/or Projects, Public Speaker/Leadership Presence, Strategic Partnerships/Networks, Technology/Biotech

Alice Dinu


I am Alice Dinu, 37 years old, a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to empowering and supporting aspiring female entrepreneurs.

I co-founded and successfully exited Ready Education, the largest international Ed-Tech mobile platform, impacting the lives of 7 million students across 700 institutions worldwide.

With over a decade of expertise in customer success, data strategy, and product-market fit, I have positively influenced millions of students through innovative strategies for educational institutions. I had the honor of being recognized as leader in education by Forbes 30 under 30 and had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned researchers from Duke Health and Columbia University to further enhance the student experience in colleges and universities.

Currently, I'm embarking on my second startup journey in AI while advising a diverse range of startups in industries like education, biotech, manufacturing software, and health applications. My comprehensive expertise spans critical aspects of entrepreneurial growth, including customer success, data strategy, thought leadership, and M&A processes. As an angel investor, advisor, and speaker at esteemed startup networks like YCombinator, Founder Institute, and Founder Fuel, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In addition to entrepreneurship, I strongly believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fostering an environment that supports personal well-being. Prioritizing self-care practices such as nutrition, mental health awareness, exercise, and meditation is crucial for entrepreneurs to excel in all aspects of life.

I genuinely believe in the power of mentorship to unlock one's full potential. Together, we can navigate the intricacies of entrepreneurship, identify growth opportunities, and strategize for long-term success. My ultimate goal is to empower you with knowledge, resources, and the confidence necessary to thrive in the competitive business landscape. I am excited about the possibility of working together and supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey to create exceptional results.

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