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Willow Growth Partners

Willow Growth Partners


    Exclude Fossil Fuel, Exclude Tobacco, Exclude firearms

Investment Stage: 

    Early Stage, Seed, Series A

Minimum Investment:



    Consumer, Consumer Apps, Ecommerce, Enterprise, Femtech, Health, Retail

About the firm:

Willow invests in entrepreneurs building the next generation of consumer brands and the technologies that power them. We invest early growth capital in fast-growing and values-led consumer brands doing $1M-$5M in revenue, with a strong path to profitability and an exit potential at $300M-$700M+. We also invest opportunistically in software businesses that directly sell into these brands and behave more like technology investments in their profile. Willow is led by Deborah Benton and Amanda Schutzbank, who bring extensive early-stage operating and investing experience with consumer businesses. Willow is currently investing out of Fund 1, a ~$30M fund with 16 companies currently in the portfolio, 11 of which have already raised follow-on capital. Willow Fund, I has achieved a 2.3x MOIC in just two years. Some notable investments include Coterie, Dae, Goodles, and Swell. Willow Angel's portfolio is comprised of 14 companies and is sitting at a 10.2x MOIC, 88% IRR and has achieved 5 liquidity events to date. Willow is raising Fund II, a $75M fund, to scale our success by putting more capital to work, taking more ownership, and achieving faster, de-risked liquidity than traditional venture capital.

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Accepts investors from outside the US:


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