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VC 414

VC 414


    Female focused, Black focused, Latinx focused, Asian focused, LGBTQ+ focused, Exclude Fossil Fuel, Exclude Tobacco, Exclude Firearms, Focus on DEI, Other: Indigenous focused, Veterans focused, Individuals with disabilities

Investment Stage: 

    Early Stage, Pre-Seed, Seed

Minimum Investment:



    Addiction, Aerospace, Agriculture, Ai, B2B, Blockchain, Childcare, Cleantech, Climate, Climatetech, Computing/Electronics, Consumer, Consumer Apps, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, DEI, Ecommerce, Economic Empowerment, Edtech, Education, Enterprise, Fashtech, Femtech, Finance, Fintech, Foodtech, Future Of Work, Generalist, Health, Iot, Manufacturing, Mental Health, Mobility, Proptech, Real Estate, Robotics, Silvertech, Spacetech, Sustainability, Tech-enabled, Healthtech

About the firm:

Government needs disruption, education needs modernization, and our workforce needs more employee engagement and productivity. And, major industries need to change the way they interact with consumers. Our 100% women led/50% Latina led firm is capitalizing on this market opportunity. GPs Raquel Filmanowicz and Jennifer Abele spent a combined 40 years in executive roles in government, higher education, banking, utilities, manufacturing. We have managed 100’s of millions in spend and think like buyers when evaluating a startup. Women and diverse founders have a competitive advantage to win B2B/B2G/B2E contracts and we help them to create outsized returns.

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