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The W Fund

The W Fund


    Female focused, Black focused, Latinx focused, Asian focused, LGBTQ+ focused, Exclude Fossil Fuel, Exclude Tobacco, Exclude firearms, Focus on DEI

Investment Stage: 

    Early Stage, Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

Minimum Investment:



    Addiction, Agriculture, Ai, B2B, Childcare, Cleantech, Climate, Climatetech, Computing/Electronics, Consumer Apps, Data Analytics, DEI, Economic Empowerment, Edtech, Education, Enterprise, Femtech, Finance, Fintech, Foodtech, Health, Insurtech, Iot, Mental Health, Mobility, Proptech, Real Estate, Sexual Wellness, Silvertech, Sustainability, Tech-enabled, Healthtech

About the firm:

The W Fund invests into early-stage women-led tech startups creating solutions that: address financial, health and educational access for overlooked markets; reimagine how culture, creation and content are modeled; and focus on the complex ways in which humans and our earth interact with and are impacted by each other.

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