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The BFM Fund

The BFM Fund


    Female focused, Black focused, LGBTQ+ focused, Focus on DEI

Investment Stage: 

    Seed, Series A

Minimum Investment:



    Agriculture, Ai, B2B, Childcare, Cleantech, Climate, Climatetech, Consumer, Consumer Apps, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, DEI, Ecommerce, Economic Empowerment, Edtech, Education, Enterprise, Femtech, Finance, Fintech, Foodtech, Future Of Work, Generalist, Health, Insurtech, Iot, Life Sciences, Mental Health, Mobility, Proptech, Retail, Sexual Wellness, Sustainability, Tech-enabled, Healthtech

About the firm:

The BFM Fund is a seed-stage venture firm that prioritizes investment into Black and diverse founders across industries, within the United States. Our mission is to showcase the ability for diverse entrepreneurs to return capital by creating a repeatable pathway that allows for the majority of our companies to scale and exit their ventures.

After working in five other venture funds and launching two economic development funds, Himalaya Rao created an evidenced-based approach to make demographic investing both profitable and impactful. She is joined by VC operations expert, Rachel Wilson, to create a powerhouse women-of-color led firm capable of driving impact through economic returns.

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