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Symphonic Capital

Symphonic Capital


    Female focused, Black focused, Latinx focused, Asian focused, LGBTQ+ focused

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    Fintech, Healthtech

About the firm:

Symphonic Capital is a Pre-Seed fund that backs companies at their earliest stages and guides them to product-market-fit launched by Sydney Thomas, Shruti Shah, and Jennifer Kim. Sydney Thomas spent almost 6 years building and investing out of Precursor Ventures - the industry's first Pre-Seed fund - from a $3M fund to $200M AUM in 6 years.

Shruti Shah is a YC alum and former co-founder and COO of YC-backed Move Loot - a used furniture marketplace. She and her co-founders raised $22M+ in VC capital and grew Move Loot to over 300 employees. Shruti is a seasoned operator and angel investor and has spent the last 5 years working as Entrepreneur in Residence at SVB and at Nike.

Jennifer Kim is a sought-after startup advisor specializing in hiring and scaling organizations, who has grown an online audience of >50K through her teachings. She's the founder of Workflow, a company that trains startup leaders on real recruiting skills, and she was also the Chief of Staff then Head of People at Lever.

The collective power of this team enables the fund to support companies on their journey from 0 to 1. The thesis of Symphonic Capital aligns with our values to back founders building technology that makes life better for the 99%. By backing the companies that solve big problems for everyday people in our increasingly globalized and digital world, we will return exponential value to investors.

The name, Symphonic Capital, was born out of the definition of a symphony. A symphony represents the coming together of different types of instrumentalists, craftspeople at the top of their game, to create beautiful harmonies and movements. We believe in the power of an individual embracing a personal leadership journey, and doing it with a team of people doing the same. There is no other way to build a truly great company.

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