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Supply Change Capital

Supply Change Capital


    Female focused, Black focused, Latinx focused, Focus on DEI

Investment Stage: 

    Early Stage, Pre-Seed, Seed

Minimum Investment:



    Agriculture, Climate, Climatetech, DEI, Foodtech, Iot, Retail, Robotics

About the firm:

Culture and climate -- the defining forces of our time -- are deeply impacting the future of food. Supply Change Capital invests at the earliest stages in high growth food tech businesses and culture-first brands. Introductory deck.

Recent Updates:

+$13M deployed across 15 companies; 3 deals led

99% of $40M Fund 1 closed with institutional capital from General Mills, financial institutions, the Illinois Growth & Innovation Fund, and SFOs. Final close July 2023.

We were evaluated by the Revere team (recent news here) and designated as "Rising Stars" in the emerging manager landscape; one of 3 Rising Stars out of 170 firms reviewed as of Q3 2022. Report here.

We joined a group of 20 investors to launch the Food Nutrition and Health Investor Coalition, a commitment to drive $2.5B in private investment over the next three years to improve hunger and health outcomes through food.

Inaugural impact report for 2022 reflects the deep work we have done to systematize how we think about food systems change at every level, from our investment thesis to the way we screen companies and how we work together post-investment to support their business building journey. It includes:
The Supply Change Capital Theory of Change;
How we operationalize impact;
Company case studies which address how each portfolio company's business and operations impact health, the environment, and/or diversity within their respective ecosystems.
Some highlights:
80% of founders are female, Black, and/or Latinx
60% of portfolio companies are led by women
67% of our portfolio reduces or reverses the impact of the food system on our climate, and nearly 67% of our portfolio contributes to building healthier communities

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