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Seed to Harvest Ventures

Seed to Harvest Ventures


    Female focused, Black focused, Latinx focused, Asian focused

Investment Stage: 

    Pre-Seed, Seed

Minimum Investment:



    B2B, Blockchain, Consumer

Seed to Harvest Ventures is a US based pre-seed/seed stage fund that invests in women of color building software enabled companies. Women of color are the next billion consumers both in the US and globally and our bet is that companies that build for and with women of color will be the new unicorns. Isabelle Seale and Victoria Kennedy are product and design leaders with over 12 years of experience building products and advising early stage companies. They have advised companies that have gone on to raise over 37M collectively and have brought over 20 products to market. They are now focused on leveraging that expertise as early stage investors and advisors.

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