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Nucleation Capital

Nucleation Capital


    Exclude Fossil Fuel, Clean reliable energy, decarbonization

Investment Stage: 

    Seed, Series A, Series B

Minimum Investment:



    Cleantech, Climatetech

About the firm:

Nucleation Capital is a non-traditional venture fund investing in advanced nuclear technologies and other deep decarbonization ventures. We invest in critical-path ventures working to address and arrest climate change—by either reducing emissions from energy usage or providing carbon reduction through valuable and innovative approaches. Nucleation is deployed on a state-of-the-art online investment platform that enables low-cost quarterly subscriptions. Subscribers get pro rata positions in every deal we do for those quarters that they have subscribed to. We accept subscriptions as low as $5,000 per quarter and subscriptions of 8 quarters or more qualify for a 25% discount on fees, improving diversification and reducing risk.

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