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Nest Catalyst

Nest Catalyst


    Female focused, Exclude Fossil Fuel, Exclude Tobacco, Exclude Firearms

Investment Stage: 

    Early Stage, Pre-Seed, Seed

Minimum Investment:



    Ai, Biotech, Cleantech, Climate, Climatetech, Femtech, Foodtech, Health, Life Sciences, Mental Health, Sexual Wellness, Healthtech

About the firm:

Nest Catalyst Fund, a pre-seed investment fund. The goal of the fund is to invest in highly innovative pre-seed science based companies fostered by the Nest Catalyst program. Nest Catalyst Fund is looking to deploy $100k / company at the pre-seed stage, and have follow on investment capabilities.

Nest Catalyst is an entrepreneurship program with the goal of nurturing scientific innovation by Israeli scientists worldwide. The program runs an annual cohort of 5-10 teams, where founders get tools and training by world experts to support them to launch a deep tech life science companies. The 2023 cohort included six scientists, developing solutions to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges of drug delivery, drug development, antibiotic resistance and diagnostics.

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