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Unlocking Higher Returns and Lower Risk Through Gender Diversity in Finance with Ruth Shaber

While we have made strides in increasing women’s representation in investment management roles, male portfolio managers still control around 12 and a half times more capital than women. This lack of diversity in making investing decisions leads to a lack of funding for women-owned and diverse businesses. Without more perspectives in the room, everyone misses out on opportunities that will benefit the many. Ruth Shaber is here today to discuss her work driving gender diversity in portfolio decisions, her experience founding reproductive health ventures, and much more. This week’s episode 104 of How Women Inspire Podcast is about unlocking higher returns and lower risk through gender diversity in finance! 

In this episode of How Women Inspire Podcast, Ruth Shaber shares the importance of diversity in asset allocation decisions and actionable steps you can take right now to increase gender diversity in your portfolio. 

Ruth Shaber, MD is the Founder and President of the Tara Health Foundation. This foundation advances health and economic justice by transferring all of our resources and assets to invest in and elevate solutions at the intersection of race and gender. Ruth is also the co-founder and board chair of Rhia Ventures, a group of foundations and investors that collaborate to bring new types of capital and enterprise to the field of reproductive health in the United States. Recently, Ruth co-authored “The XX Edge: Unlocking Higher Returns and Lower Risk”.

Some of the talking points Julie and Ruth go over in this episode include:

  • Prioritizing women's health and reproductive rights and seeking to address systemic issues.

  • Women and men’s different approaches to decision-making. 

  • The importance of bringing one’s full, authentic self to the table including lived experiences.

  • How women are often closer to the problems they're trying to solve, bringing unique perspectives and innovation to the table.

To order Ruth’s book, “The XX Edge: Unlocking Higher Returns and Lower Risk”, you can head to today!

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