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Thinking Differently and Providing Your Unique Perspective with Kristyn Shapiro

We’re always talking about diversity and the importance of having different perspectives in the room where decisions are made in every organization. Asking questions others haven’t thought of and offering a new way to look at a problem allows for a more informed decision to be made, no matter the issue. No one knows this better than Kristyn Shapiro, who has spent much of her career at the FBI as a senior executive and now at Guidehouse, helping organizations make tough decisions and guiding them through crises. Kristyn is here this week to talk about how her different perspective helped her have a strong presence in her career and so much more. This week’s episode 96 of How Women Inspire Podcast is about thinking differently and providing your unique perspective in every situation!

In this episode of How Women Inspire Podcast, Kristyn Shapiro is sharing the importance of recognizing that your perspective is different than those around you and actionable steps you can take right now to reach out and give others a voice. 

Kristyn Shapiro is an Associate Director of Defense and Security at Guidehouse, a leading global provider of consulting services to the public sector and commercial markets, with broad capabilities in management, technology, and risk consulting. She excels at bringing organizations from chaos to organization after spending 11 years with the FBI and six years with the Office of Naval Intelligence. Kristyn also thrives in environments where she can bring her outsider view to rethink how things have always been done.

Some of the talking points Julie and Kristyn go over in this episode include:

  • Are women better leaders during times of crisis?

  • Challenging groupthink with your unique perspective.

  • Advocating for others' voices and leaning into the way you think.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, others might have the same questions and not speak up.

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