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RevWork inc. Kicks Off $1M Pre-Seed Round with Investment by How Women Invest

SAN DIEGO, CA & SAN FRANCISCO –(April, 27, 2022) - RevWork Inc, creator of the pioneering enterprise Learning Retention SaaS solution rooted in the science of behavior change, today announced that How Women Invest II, LP has kicked off its $1M pre-seed round with a $250,000 investment. Nicole White, SVP & Founding Principal of Newfront has joined the RevWork board as How Women Invest’s representative.

How Women Invest’s funding brings RevWork’s total raise to date to $2.1 million. The money will be used to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI), expand strategic integrations, and position the RevWork Learning Reinforcement Platform for even faster adoption.

RevWork uses the principles of behavior change and the tools of habit formation to empower every enterprise learner with a digital coach to create scalable, sustainable, and positive behavioral and cultural change in the learning style of each learner.

“We are thrilled to have How Women Invest as a key investor at this important stage to help accelerate our development,” said RevWork Founder and CEO, Denise Hummel. “How Women Invest has a powerful network they actively leverage for their portfolio companies, and we’re excited for the strategic lift they will bring to help us rapidly scale and revolutionize the way organizations and their people work.”

How Women Invest is committed to disrupting the inequity in the venture capital system by focusing exclusively on women-founded and run companies and activating women investors; it is the only US venture fund to invest exclusively in women-only founded and run startups.

“RevWork is changing the way corporate enterprise trains, enables, and empowers its people to create environments where businesses and people can thrive,” said How Women Invest Managing Partner, Julie Castro Abrams.

Added Managing Partner Erika Cramer, “Denise is an experienced entrepreneur and demonstrates the kind of fortitude and perseverance we seek in founders. With the advice and guidance of an experienced enterprise business development professional in Nicole White, we are encouraged to bring this technology to organizations that seek removal of inherent biases in leadership with a proven and reinforceable behavioral change technology.”

About How Women Invest

How Women Invest, the sister organization to How Women Lead (HWL), is deeply rooted in HWL's mission to disrupt the antiquated and unequal landscape impacting women. Living by the CREDO established in the HWL community, How Women Invest is dedicated to shifting the venture capital landscape by supporting women-led companies, with a focus on women of color. The collective mission is to inspire a community of 10,000 first-time female investors and create an infrastructure to enable women of all backgrounds to invest and support under-represented and under-capitalized female founders. The funds systematically leverage its diverse community and limited partnerships for deal sourcing, industry knowledge, domain expertise, and more. For more information, visit

About RevWork Inc.

RevWork is an Enterprise Learning Reinforcement SaaS solution that enables measurable behavior change that confirms the mission-critical ROI impact of learning. We flip the paradigm of learning retention on its head saving billions of enterprise dollars. We incorporate 40 principles of neuroscience in our learning delivery technology, enabling real behavior change and eliminating scrap learning. Users get patented targeted nudge messages in real-time around calendared daily events where specific learning content can be practiced. Learn more at

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