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Leading with Your Values and Tackling Ugly Projects with Jennifer Lee

Defining and sticking to a set of core values is essential for quality leadership. So is seeing the value and potential in taking on projects that are less than ideal. Today, Jennifer Lee is here to tell us about her experiences with ugly projects, leadership, and more. This week’s episode 66 of How Women Inspire Podcast is about leading with your values and tackling ugly projects.

In this episode of How Women Inspire Podcast, Jennifer Lee is sharing the importance of having a core set of values and actionable steps you can take right now to lead with honesty, integrity, and ethics.

Jennifer Lee is the Founder and Strategic Advisor behind J. LEE Consulting, which builds on her deep experience and success in biotech and pharma. Jennifer has 20 years of experience accelerating breakthrough therapies from which we've all benefited, from discovery to commercialization. She is also o she is also a board member, an investor, and a startup advisor. And she's passionate about promoting diversity, startup and private boards, and economic equity for women and women of color.

Some of the talking points Julie and Jennifer go over in this episode include:

  • How tragic events can shape your passion and purpose.

  • Living and leading by the drumbeat of your values.

  • The importance of honesty - and the story of The Empty Pot.

  • Jennifer’s study of biases and economic equality for women.

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