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Julie Castro Abrams' Journey of Philanthropy and Impact

There’s a developmental stage between 45-65 where having an impact is one of the most important parts of this stage in our lives and it is so important to take a moment to reflect on the impact we want to have on the world. In this week’s episode 49 of How Women Inspire Podcast, Julie shares her journey of philanthropy and impact!

Content Warning: This episode includes mention of child and animal neglect and abuse.

In this episode of How Women Inspire Podcast, Julie Castro Abrams shares how her childhood experiences were the foundation for her decision early in life to spend the rest of her life trying to make the world a better place and reflecting on her continued efforts to open her heart and door to others by caring for them and loving and accepting them as they are.

Some of the talking points Julie goes over in this episode include:

  • Being cognizant of the power dynamics in nonprofit organizations and setting realistic expectations of gratitude.

  • Sharing Maimonides ‘Ladder of Philanthropy’ and the high value placed on philanthropy through partnership.

  • The 3 levels of impact Julie focuses on and examples of how this has played out in her life.

  • Encouraging you to have a north star of your own values to drive the impact and influence you have on the world.

Julie shares her story to show that being a life-long philanthropist and living a life of service is not easy but the gifts that come for both you and the people you help are immeasurable.

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