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Ensuring Political and Economic Equality for Latinas with Helen Torres

With the Western Hemisphere consisting of the majority of the world’s Latinx population, it’s important that we think about how we can ensure that there are Latinas in political leadership positions both locally and throughout the hemisphere. What are we doing collectively as Latinas– especially executive Latinas– to support each other to ensure there is a broader vision for Latina leadership? This week’s episode 36 of How Women Inspire Podcast is about ensuring political and economic equality for Latinas with Helen Torres!

In this episode of How Women Inspire Podcast, Julie Castro Abrams and Helen Torres share the importance of helping to create opportunities for more Latinas in leadership positions. They also discuss actionable steps you can take right now to support Latinas from both leadership and political stances.

Helen Iris Torres is CEO of Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE), where she leads one of the state and nation’s most influential Latina organizations. She has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the HOPE Leadership Institute (HLI), a program that prepares adult Latinas for their next level of civic participation. HLI has resulted in more than 180 Latinas being appointed to state and local commissions, and over 200 Latinas serving on nonprofit boards to improve local communities.

Some of the talking points Julie and Helen Torres go over in this episode include:

  • Leadership lessons learned over 20 years of political equality work.

  • What it takes to get more Latinas into politics.

  • The challenges and barriers facing Latinas in getting and keeping leadership roles.

  • Three ways to truly deliver on the mission to ensure political and economic equality for Latinx folks.

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