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Achieving Carbon Neutrality for Your Business with Cathleen Turner

Climate change is at the top of many people’s minds as we experience more and more of its effects each year. Finding ways to reduce your carbon emissions and even achieve carbon neutrality is easier than ever as technologies advance and we create smarter systems to achieve our business goals without using as many natural resources. Cathleen Turner, the founder of CZero is here this week to talk about the steps you can take as a business owner or executive to reduce your business's carbon footprint. This week’s episode 109 of How Women Inspire Podcast is about achieving carbon neutrality! 

In this episode of How Women Inspire Podcast, Cathleen Turner is sharing the importance of carbon neutrality for businesses and actionable steps you can take right now to take care of yourself as a high-achieving person. 

Cat Turner is the Founder of CZero, a cutting-edge platform that allows for frictionless, carbon-neutral distribution for food and technology businesses. Through CZero, brands have access to carbon accounting, enabling them to shift towards eco-friendly logistics and achieve carbon neutrality. 

Some of the talking points Julie and Cathleen go over in this episode include:

  • The importance of taking steps toward carbon neutrality now, no matter the size of your business.

  • The four steps to addressing your company’s carbon emissions.

  • How CZero reduces carbon impact by utilizing empty commercial vehicles for cargo sharing.

  • Taking care of yourself to keep yourself healthy and able to achieve great things.

To read more on what was covered in today’s episode, check out Cat’s blog post on going carbon-neutral today.

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