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Tamala Chirwa

Founder & Principal Coach - Professional Coaching Institute

Board/Governance, Executive Coaching/Organizational Development, Human Resources/Recruiting/Retaining Top Talent, Management of Staff/Teams and/or Projects, Public Speaker/Leadership Presence, Succession Planning

Tamala Chirwa


Tamala Chirwa is a member of the Leadership Team as Director, People & Performance and Head of Coaching of WAN IFRA Women in News (WIN) - a programme whose mission is to increase women’s voices in news, newsrooms and  advance gender equality in the media industry across the world. She coaches a cohort of C-Suite execuMves under  the WIN Advisory and Accelerator Programmes and serves as Malawi Coach (

Tamala is an InternaMonal Coaching FederaMon (ICF) CredenMaled Professional CerMfied Coach (PCC) specializing in  ExecuMve Leadership Coaching, Group and Team Coaching and an ICF Registered Mentor Coach ( She is a LEIPA Facilitator, CerMfied DISC PracMMoner, Coach-Trainer, and Leadership  Consultant. She holds an MBA from MANCOSA-South Africa, ACCA Diploma in Financial Management and a Post Graduate Management CerMficate from University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business - South Africa. During  her corporate career, she held various posiMons in leading organizaMons in Malawi, South Africa and Kenya - excelled  at delivering high-value soluMons as a manager in Finance, AdministraMon, Human Resources Management, Training  and Coaching funcMons. She has robust experience in designing and delivering impacWul leadership development  and coach-training programmes in organizaMons.

Tamala works with and supports C-Suite execuMves and leaders who intenMonally seek to transform their leadership  and career journeys for their own growth and the people they lead and impact. She specializes in the areas of Leading  with EmoMonal Intelligence, Team Development and Performance and Personal/Professional Branding. Her coaching  philosophy is on the premise that high performers and potenMals must be adequately and consistently supported to  sustain the successes they register at varied junctures in their career trajectories to build powerful legacies. Her  coaching style entails guiding leaders through life-changing personal and leadership development expediMons in their  quest to succeed. She remains steadfast in contribuMng towards advancing the coaching agenda to enhance the  leadership capacity of leaders as they generate soluMons to different workplace and business challenges.

Tamala scales her leadership impact by providing strategic direcMon for Professional Coaching InsMtute (PCI), a coach training company ( that develops professional coaches through coach-training programmes and  supports leaders to embed coaching in their organisaMonal cultures through leadership development and coaching  programmes. Her recent past roles include Founder of Women’s Leadership Footprint; Subject Ma]er Expert and  Coach for the MBA Leadership Lab of the African Leadership University; Malawi Coach/Cohort Facilitator for the  Breakfast Club Africa where she supported CEOs of organizaMons in Malawi through one-on-one coaching and group  peer learning sessions. She acMvely extends herself in the realm of social impact as Board Chairperson of World  Connect Malawi (Mudzi Connect) and Board Member of World Connect US ( She is a  member on the panel of coaches supporMng a Cohort of African Leaders under the Obama FoundaMon Leaders Africa  since 2022. She is a Vital Voices Leadership Fellow/VV100 network member of Vital Voices Global Partnership (

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