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Serah Malaba

Tiko Africa


Serah Joy Malaba is a seasoned leader in public health. She has over 17 years of planning and executing ambitious public health initiatives in Africa spanning from HIV, Community Health, Digital Health, Reproductive Maternal and Child Health, interventions for Adolescent and Young People , as well as Private and Public Sector interventions.
She has exceptional talent in initiating and cementing strategic partnerships with government agencies , non-profit organizations and funders. She works as the Chief Impact Officer at Triggerise, where she leads operations across six countries, oversees behavior change communications, the funder portfolio as well as monitoring, evaluation, research and learning. She previously worked at Population Services International, Living Goods, Partners for Health and Development in Africa and Global Communities.
Ms Malaba holds a Master of Public Health degree, a Global Executive Master's degree in Business Administration with emphasis on Health Leadership and Management and is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Health.

Serah Malaba


What is your story?

What drives your work?

I have been in the pubic health space for 20+ years and have risen over the ranks rapidly in the past 5 years. I am passionate about health including ensuring access to timely HIV testing, prevention and treatment interventions. I lost both my parents at the age of 24 when HIV anti retroviral therapy was unavailable and so i spend most of my time ensuring people have access to HIV testing and linkage to pre exposure prophylaxis or anti retrovirals as quickly as possible.

Describe your biggest strength as a leader

1. I care about quality health systems that deliver timely preventative and treatments for populations in need.
2. I care about and spend my time building and sustaining delivery teams that are facilitated to do the work they need to do.
3. Am passionate about and always ensure interventions are tailored to contexts - am a big believer of 'one size doesn't fit all'.
4. Am a collaborator and networker rather than a competitor - I believe we could all do better at leveraging on other implementing partners strengths to ensure a continuum of care.

Describe your biggest challenge as a leader

Sometimes i have an imposter syndrome that makes me freak out when i need to make presentations to an audience that am unfamiliar with. I am yet to learn the ropes of dealing with the board of governors at Tiko.

About the
and the Project.



Vision & Mission

A world where all youth have the power to choose where,when and how they meet their sexual reproductive health needs

Year Founded


No. of Employees


Years in the Organization

11 months

Annual Budget (USD)


Geographical Area Served

Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia

Organizational /

Project Description

I will focus on two main projects:
1. Strengthening data management and data use practices at Tiko Africa - with the goal of ensuring optimal collaboration between the data and operations team as well as institutionalizing a culture of data quality and data use for program improvement
2. Defining and instituting a sustainable scale up strategy that ensures progressive/exponential growth of Tiko in all our countries of operation with commensurate longterm financing

Why is this project important and timely?

What is the target population of your project? 

In 2024, the operations that I oversight are aiming to reach 800,000 adolescents and young people in our 6 countries of operations with contraceptives access, mental health interventions, HIV prevention and treatment interventions and entrepreneurship initiatives. At Tiko we work with networks of community based organizations and clinics (public, private and pharmacies) to deliver quality, youth friendly services.

How will you know that you have achieved that impact? What data will you use to assess your impact?

1. Strengthening data management and data use practices at Tiko Africa - I will know i have achieved the desired impact by instituting a data governance and collaborative standard operating procedure - it will stipulate the what, how and who is involved in management and use of data. I will review practices regularly against the procedure we would have instituted and also have periodic surveys with key stakeholders to determine whether or not we have addressed the existing pain points - which will be our baseline for this project.
2. Defining and instituting a sustainable scale up strategy - I will know we have achieved this by putting in place a sustainable scale up strategy and implementation plan with key milestones and deliverables. These will be reviewed periodically to assess progress and course correct as required. I will assess current scale up and scale up in 2025.

How do you anticipate this unique leadership education impacting you personally? What new skills are you hoping too develop & grow through this experience?

I hope to learn more about personal branding, networking, fundraising and continuing to stand for and make space for other women in the public health sector.

Where would you like to see yourself professionally in the next 3 years?

I see myself growing into a CEO role; completing my PhD in public health and being a leading voice/thought leader in public health in Africa.

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