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Mildred Mushunje

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Africa Trust (SAT)


I am an award-winning gender champion with a passion for gender and social justice. I have been recognized by the global body, the International Federation of Social Work for my contribution to Ending Gender Based Violence in Africa. I am driven by the desire to see women take up leadership roles and to influence policy. I am a keen learner and always looking for opportunities to improve myself.

Mildred Mushunje


What is your story?

What drives your work?

I am driven by the desire for gender equality, social transformation and seeing women and girls making strides in their lives. My country is very patriarchal and I grew up in that system seeing the disparities between women and men. That has really been a source of and point of interrogation of the institutionalized systems that impact on women and girls' progress.

Describe your biggest strength as a leader

I am a very giving leader - what I know and have, I share with others. I am also very encouraging and an enabler but very firm in how I lead.

Describe your biggest challenge as a leader

The lack of ability to know when to give up on something. I think I take too long to throw in the towel.

About the
and the Project.



Vision & Mission

VISION: A society in which individual and communities’ rights are protected and social justice is a norm.
MISSION: To provide a safe place for women, girls and communities at large where they can freely engage in social development issues that lead to their socio-economic empowerment in a manner that fosters inter and intra generational equality.

Year Founded


No. of Employees


Years in the Organization

5 years

Annual Budget (USD)


Geographical Area Served

Harare, Goromonzi and Mbire district

Organizational /

Project Description

My personal goals are:
1. To improve my skills in leadership
2. To improve my skills in fund raising
3. To network and meet other phenomenal women

My project goals are:
1. strengthen my model of counselling which I have developed and currently refining
2. to build the capacity of young people with whom I work to be able to use the counseling model

Why is this project important and timely?

What is the target population of your project? 

1. Women, girls and women in professional organizations

How will you know that you have achieved that impact? What data will you use to assess your impact?

The volunteers and staff will be able to cascade the counseling model.

How do you anticipate this unique leadership education impacting you personally? What new skills are you hoping too develop & grow through this experience?

I hope to be able to introspect and really get to know who I am as a leader.

Where would you like to see yourself professionally in the next 3 years?

I have aspirations to lead an international program.

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