Recorded June 23, 2020


As a father committed to your daughter’s success, you can play a critical role in helping your daughter navigate her future career and lean in to the leader she was meant to be.


This virtual conversation will expand your daughter’s horizons by exposing her to exciting career pathways she may not have considered before. You’ll hear from women leaders at the top of their field as they share their most important lessons learned from navigating the corporate world. Give your daughter the invaluable gift of learning tactical advice from strong female role-models who are thriving in their fields.


Over the course of 90 minutes, you and your daughter will have the chance to hear from 6 women who are leading in their fields. You’ll learn:

  • How they charted their career path, what they studied and how they ended up in their current role
  • The top in-demand skills in the workplace today
  • What advice they have for young women as they consider various career paths
  • Which career milestones your daughter may want to explore as she navigates her leadership journey (C-Suite, Investing, Board Service)



Anddria Clack-Rogers Varnado, Macy’s

Breanna Zwart, YouTube

Dr. Toni Brayer, Sutter Health (formerly)

Stacey Egide, Founder of Natural Products Companies

Chartine Iraguha, Luminar Technologies

Melinda Kramer, Women's Earth Alliance



Dads & Daughters: Championing Equity For Our Daughters


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