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Recorded December 9, 2020.


In this 90-minute webinar led by Double Forte senior communications expert, Lee Caraher will cover: 

  • How the media works 

  • How to position yourself as an expert to the media 

  • Preparing for interviews with the “soundbites” and quotes that will get picked up by the media 

  • Creating referable content the media can source for attribution 

  • How to build a social media presence that drives media credibility 


Women’s voices are rarely seen or heard in media reports about business, cultural, scientific, and civic issues. The numbers for women of color and older women are even worse. When we do see women quoted in the news, they are more likely to talk about TV, music, and movies, than they are sharing their expertise on the economy or world affairs. We are partnering with the PR Council who is on a mission to Close the Say Gap by media training the millions of qualified women who are experts in every industry.

Close The Say Gap - Media Training for Women


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