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Adds Washington Capital Region Chapter With Powerhouse Executive Board

[ From left to right: Nicole Streeter, Karen Henneberger, Amy Coughenour Betancourt, Julie Castro Abrams, Linda Canada, Kaprece James, Nicole Stiles]

WASHINGTON, D.C. - April 20, 2022– How Women Lead, a national organization of top executive women focused on activating their individual and collective power to influence the change they want to see in the world through leadership, investment and philanthropy, has added the Washington Capital Region chapter with a powerhouse Executive board. Nicole Streeter and Karen Henneberger are co-chairs of the first East Coast board for the fast-growing organization.

The Washington Capital Region chapter kicked off its first in-person meeting of investors, board directors and C-Suite leaders in April.

“The energy in the room was incredible,” said Julie Castro Abrams, Founder and CEO of How Women Lead. “We had senior executive women in industry, government, non profits, startups, and established companies working to put an action plan together to help change the gender and racial equity equation in all areas of work and community.”

The first program for DC area participants is “Mobilizing Women to Serve on Public Boards & Commissions at the Local, State & Federal Level”, on April 28. Register here to attend.

With over 14,000 senior executive women at the top of their game, How Women Lead is changing the definition of women’s leadership by helping experienced, talented women leaders - particularly women of color - claim their seats in the C-suites and corporate boardrooms, and as limited partners in venture capital firms.

“When women are in positions of power and influence, profits, people and the planet benefit,” added Abrams. “This new chapter is a testament to the growing power of networked senior women stepping forward to drive gender and racial equity throughout corporate America and our communities.”

The Executive Board

This the second regional board for How Women Lead; the first is the Silicon Valley Executive Board. The Washington Capital Region Executive Board is led by co-chairs Nicole Streeter, General Counsel, Council of the District of Columbia, and Karen Hennenberger, Senior Executive, New Ship Design in the Department of Energy. Both Streeter and Hennenberger have been involved with How Women Lead for several years.

The Executive Board is rounded out with a cadre of impressive local senior executive women including, Amy Coughenour-Betancourt, President and CEO, Cadasta Foundation, Linda Canada, president of CanDen Retail Associates, Lakisha Hall, Chief Strategy Transformation Officer, Nielsen, Kaprece James, President and CEO, Stella’s Girls, Inc., Shar Ceasar Douglas, VP of Developer & B2B Marketing, Skillz Inc., and Essye Miller, President, Executive Business Management. The executive board represents a cross section of government, business, and non-profit organizations.

“Like many of How Women Lead’s 14,000+ members, I became immersed in this online community with the onset of the pandemic. As we move forward toward some in-person activities, I am delighted that How Women Lead’s expansion to the east coast is beginning with the Washington, DC-area. I am honored and excited to co-lead this expansion with Karen and activate change through leadership, investment and philanthropy with our amazing local senior executives,“ said Streeter.

Added Henneberger, “With such an amazing cadre of local seasoned leaders, we are looking forward to establishing an East Coast presence for the How Women Lead organization by offering existing HWL programs on board readiness, venture investing and charitable giving at “East-Coast-friendly times” as well as other offerings more tailored to this region.”

To join the Washington Capital Region Chapter of How Women Lead, please visit the website.

About How Women Lead

About How Women Lead

How Women Lead is a national organization of top executive women focused on activating their individual and collective power to achieve equity for women by driving representation and opportunities across all aspects of life and career. Founded in 2011, the organization fights for change at all levels by affecting systems reform, mobilizing a movement, offering training, and providing access to opportunities. Now more than 14,000 strong, the organization has expanded the breadth and depth of its impact nationally. How Women Lead’s philanthropic arm, How Women Give, provides grants and invaluable connections to women’s and girls’ organizations on the frontlines of today’s most critical issues. And its sister organization, How Women Invest, invites women to play big and powerfully in venture, making meaningful investments and propelling high-potential, women-led companies forward at scale. For more, visit


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