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Celebrating a Momentous Milestone at NASDAQ

Marking a historic milestone, we rang the closing bell at NASDAQ alongside 68 How Women Lead board members and investors who traveled from across the globe to be part of this extraordinary moment. Tears of joy were shed, and a resounding sentiment echoed through the room: "It was a dream of a lifetime." The overwhelming gratitude and hope we felt were not unfounded—we truly believe that we are standing at a turning point in history. Together, we possess the power to build our own table, where every voice is heard and every idea matters.

Introducing The New Table

On June 13th, we unveiled The New Table, capturing the attention of the world. The movement has gained incredible momentum, with over 500 women taking the pledge to embark on their venture investing journey within just a few weeks. Our vision is ambitious: to inspire 10,000 women to join us as we reshape the venture capital landscape. Just as conversations around board diversity have become commonplace, we aim to initiate a global dialogue about the power of women investing in venture capital.

Disrupting Inequity in Venture Capital

The current statistics are unacceptable—a mere 2.1% of venture capital funding went to women-founded companies in 2022. This disparity not only restricts women from occupying decision-making seats of power but also hampers innovation and progress. We refuse to wait any longer for a place at the table—instead, we are committed to constructing The New Table, one that is powered by women's investments and leadership.

Why Now is the Time

Women today possess more education, wealth, and influence than ever before. By 2030, it is projected that women will hold a staggering 66% of US wealth. Furthermore, the rise of women-led venture capital funds has created a robust infrastructure, with 50% of investments from women VCs going to women-founded companies. The stage is set for us to redefine the venture capital landscape.

Unlocking Your Power at The New Table

Investing in venture capital is the ultimate power play for corporate executive women, opening doors to endless opportunities and access. Our research report released in October 2022 revealed that women investors in venture capital possess qualities such as risk awareness, assertiveness, and values-driven decision-making. By claiming your seat at The New Table, you gain entry to a supportive community of women committed to disrupting the venture landscape. Additionally, for women who take the pledge and join The New Table we provide resources to demystify venture capital investments and offer access to the groundbreaking Values-Based Investing Tool. This unique searchable index allows you to explore and connect with women-led VC firms that align with your values, investment preferences, and industry sectors. Women who join The New Table also gain access to in-person and online gatherings where they can expand their network, learn more about venture investing, and meet women-led VC firms, women innovators and founders and other women venture investors. We know the power of women in community can change the future of venture investing.

The future of venture investing: women.

Together, Let's Reshape the Future

Join us in our mission to inspire 10,000 women to invest in venture capital within the next 12 months. Together, we will disrupt inequity, channel funds to women-led VC firms and women-founded companies, create more jobs and corporate board seats for women, and pioneer innovative solutions. The time is now to claim your seat at The New Table. Let's build a future where women's voices are amplified, where diversity thrives, and where we shape a more inclusive and prosperous world.

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