Mirelys' Dream - Entrepreneurship, Independence and a Safe home for Sabrina


In Cuba, housing was assigned after the revolution and passed down through generations. Today many houses are crumbling and if you are in a neighborhood overcome with violence or drugs, you can't escape. 


On February 26th, twenty four of us, all women leaders, went to Cuba. Mirelys was our guide and Herby was our driver. They twisted and turned to change the itinerary to meet our requests. Mirelys introduced us to artists and at every turn her deep relationships were evident. By the end of the week, we knew that Herby and Mirelys had been married for 18 years and their beautiful daughter Sabrina joined us for dinner twice. Sabrina shared her vision to become a lawyer and defend human rights.


By the end of the week we built deep relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime - we fell in love with each other in Cuba. We invited every person in the group to make a request of the group - what is one thing you need. And the offers were flying - I will help you fund your company, I will get you on a corporate board, I will coach you and mentor you and support you and hold you accountable. When we had finished, we invited Mirelys to make her ask. She said her dream is to buy a house in a safe neighborhood where Sabrina can grow up free from danger. There was a collective YES! 


Please join us in helping Mirelys, Herby and Sabrina purchase
their dream home and create a B&B to make income.
"You will all be welcome at our new home."
Our goal is to raise $50,000 to support a female entrepreneur
working hard to take care of her family.


Julie Castro Abrams           Amanda Arch

Yvonne Wassenaar            Amalia Rioja

Marianne Jackson              Noni Allwood                      Elena Morada                     Barbara Waxman               Tanya Monsef Bunger        Anne Marie Newman

Kristin Yetto                        Anonymous

Jacqueline Janssen           



RAISED: $26,000

With your donation, receive:

$200 = One night in B&B in their new home

$500 = Two nights in B&B in their new home and private tour of Havana

$2,500 = One week for two travelers with private tour for the week by Havana's best tour guide, Mirelys

Examples of homes passed down through the generations.

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