We believe that diversity of thought is essential to good corporate governance and that corporate boards of directors should reflect company stakeholders: their customers, employees, and shareholders. The best boards harvest diverse experience, skills, and perspective to obtain optimal decisions. These boards create better shareholder value.

 2020 Women on Boards is guided by the following principles:

  • We are inclusive. We practice what we preach.

  • We are passionate. We do this work because we believe in its value to society. We arrive at our views through study, analysis, and life experience.    

  • We are focused. We embrace all forms of diversity, but our focus is women.

  • We are change agents. We do not promote “business as usual.”

  • We are advocates. We advocate vigorously and responsively on this issue.

  • We are respectful. We hold to our principles but listen to and learn from other viewpoints.

  • We are urgent in our activities. We will meet – and exceed our goal.

  • We are educators. Our mission will be achieved by equipping others with knowledge, information, and inspiration.

  • We are ethical. We set a high bar for ourselves and expect it from our associates.

  • We are believers. Together we can make it happen!

For Questions /  Contact us at nicole@howwomenlead.com

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