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Jeanne Wang

Partner - JSW Partners

Board/Governance, Business Development, Evaluation/Measuring Success/Impact, Finance, Fundraising/Philanthropy, Human Resources/Recruiting/Retaining Top Talent, Succession Planning

Jeanne Wang


Jeanne Wang is passionate about supporting the success of companies that are striving for a double bottom line impact.   She worked for 15 years as a private equity investor and is an experienced board member, financial consultant and start-up team member. She is in her element when she is working with companies to solidify strategic plans, evaluate executive teams and boards, structure and negotiate strategic partnerships and acquisitions, and determine optimal fundraising plans and capital structures.  Through her financial consulting work, she has experience in implementing financial tools and procedures to allow for expansion of concept, leading budgeting and auditing processes, putting financial controls in place to manage tight cash situations and fundraising.  Jeanne has worked across numerous industry sectors from consumer products and services to B2B sectors such as online marketing and media.  Social causes of most interest include women in the workplace, climate change, and financial equity and education.

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