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Gladys Nortey

Chief Consultant - Nortey Solutions

Business Development, Impact/Social Investing, Marketing/Communications/Social Media, Public Speaker/Leadership Presence, Strategic Partnerships/Networks, Technology/Biotech

Gladys Nortey


"Fueled by a vision to drive technological innovation and leadership inclusivity, I empower global brands and individuals to realize their fullest potential." With a robust 25-year track record in the technology sector, I have steered transformative growth at global brands such as Apple, Intuit, and Adobe, and navigated B2C and B2B landscapes to redefine project management, business strategies and customer success. My passion lies in mentoring, especially in championing and empowering women into leadership roles, drawing from my experience to inspire and foster a global community of diverse leaders. At Nortey Solutions LLC, I leverage my expertise as a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) to cultivate a culture that not only thrives on innovative thought but also celebrates and advances diverse leadership. My global impact is rooted in a commitment to empower and shape the future of leadership across borders.

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