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Erica Stanley

Director of Engineering - Google

Evaluation/Measuring Success/Impact, Human Resources/Recruiting/Retaining Top Talent, Impact/Social Investing, Management of Staff/Teams and/or Projects, Media/Entertainment, Public Speaker/Leadership Presence, Technology/Biotech

Erica Stanley


I have invested over 15 years in building organizations and empowering people to make deep community impact. I’m an engineering executive, startup investor and advisor, tech DEI advocate, speaker, and coach, based in Atlanta, GA. In my 20+ year tech career, I’ve worked in big tech, Fortune 500 companies, early-stage startups, and academia.

I’ve passionately worked towards gender and multicultural inclusion in tech, via education and exposure to opportunities. In 2013, I founded the Atlanta network of Women Who Code, where I led new developer workshops and organized monthly tech talks, hack nights, and networking events for over 5,000 women technologists until the global organization closed its doors this April. I also collaborate with companies and organizations within the Atlanta tech community to help improve DEI strategies. I previously also sat on the advisory board of 100 Girls of Code where I helped develop new strategies and curriculums to encourage girls to grow their technology skills and interests. In 2019, I co-founded REFACTR.TECH—a community and event series showcasing technologists from underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds.

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