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Deborah Milianes

CEO/Founder - Precita Marketing Company

Business Development, Evaluation/Measuring Success/Impact, Management of Staff/Teams and/or Projects, Marketing/Communications/Social Media

Deborah Milianes


Deborah Milianes is a marketing consultant and advisor providing strategic guidance to help companies of all stages and sizes make their vision statement a reality. After more than 15 years in leadership roles at both startups and public companies, she founded and is CEO of Precita Marketing Co., a boutique marketing and brand strategy firm based in Oakland, CA. Deborah particularly enjoys the advising and coaching side of her business, as well as helping mission-driven companies become more efficient and profitable so that they can make a greater impact. She has extensive expertise in a diverse range of industries, including education, media, fintech, healthtech, sustainability, CPG and non-profit.

Deborah has an M.B.A. from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and a B.S. in visual communication from The University of Miami. In her free time, she enjoys discussing current events and going on adventures with her husband and two daughters.

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