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Barbara Raymond

Social Impact Executive - BR Consulting

Evaluation/Measuring Success/Impact, Fundraising/Philanthropy, Impact/Social Investing, Marketing/Communications/Social Media

Barbara Raymond


Deeply committed to working with mission-driven organizations that contribute to meaningful social impact in their communities, I have more than 20 years of experience delivering strategic guidance to foundations, NGOs, corporations, governing bodies, nonprofits, and public agencies. Equity and inclusion are guiding principles.

As an executive at one of the twenty largest foundations in the U.S., I spearheaded major public policy reforms in public safety and education, and managed $20-$30M annual budgets.  My expertise lies in strategy development, communications and messaging, government relations, and fund development.

I have loved creating communications campaigns that reached millions of people and changed the narrative on health and justice.  One of my proudest achievements is creating Sons & Brothers, a community of youth of color which became the largest foundation-backed social media channel at the time, with 720,000 active members.

In terms of domain expertise, I have deep expertise in public safety and community resilience.  At the RAND Corporation, a focus was community resilience in cities around the world (especially Africa) and I am currently working in the field of humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

I am conversant in French and Spanish and hold a B.A. in Government from Pomona College and an M.A. in Education with high honors from Seattle University.

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