Sample Video

Sample Video Script

Step 1:


Review these statistics, then choose 1-2 highlighting the underrepresentation of females in leadership roles.

Step 2:

Call to Action

Call out your network of CEOs, industry influencers (2 to 3 names) to join forces with breaking down the highlighted statistics

Step 3:


Are you ready to Get On Board?


I challenge you to Get On Board. 



"Women earn over 50% of college degrees in several fields, and hold equal number of entry level positions as men, Yet, they hold only 19% of executive roles compared with 70% held by men."

Call To Action


"We are doing our part. Now it's time for our leaders to do theirs. 

I want my the leaders at Uber, Tesla and HPE to address these statistics and do their part." 



"Accept the challenge and Get on Board with me in propelling women into more leadership roles and disrupting these statistics. "

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