A special note from Julie Abrams

August, 6, 2019

Dear friends, 



Radical acceptance and unconditional love. These are the most important human needs. I heard this once at Glide Memorial and I felt a visceral, bone-deep sense of rightness.

As the news stories pile up, with hate escalating along with the horror of watching fellow Americans kill, abuse their power and add more chapters to our American shame, like you, I have been trying to figure out how to be part of the solution.

At How Women Lead, we are committed to creating a safe place for each of us to grow, to create a new story and to foster the most empowering thing of all: giving back, having an impact, supporting each other, pursuing equity and driving change in the halls of power. That is why we do what we do: to make an impact together.

I feel so lucky to be able to spend this part of my life in service with you. Our loving community of friends and colleagues tell me how our work has impacted your lives. You share that at How Women Lead you have found a safe place and a caring community. You have found purpose and ways to have an impact. 

Together, we have made a tremendous difference in the lives of countless women. Thank you for sharing how our work has impacted you, and please continue to share your stories with me. Your stories are a profound gift to me, and they fuel our efforts to keep moving forward. 

So this week, with still more shootings across our nation, I am percolating on how we can do more together.
How we can we fuel a revolution with a foundation of unconditional love and radical acceptance?

I believe those of us with power, influence and resources must be assertive, determined and courageous in creating the country and world we want to see. 

I want you to have more power and influence. And I want to support you in building a powerful sense of purpose, an absolutely clear foundation of values, so that when you are in those rooms of power you can bring a compassionate lens and an intentional, deliberate commitment to be a driver of change. 

We are building a plan to expand our impact in 2020 and beyond, and I am hopeful that you will be a partner with me on this journey. Tell me your ideas. Raise your hand. Support the work with volunteerism and resources and your beautiful brain.

You are welcome here and we need you. I urge you to jump in, find your community, and make an impact here with us.

Together we are seeding values-based leaders into positions of power. We are giving people hope. We are supporting change-agents and amplifying their work. We are changing systems, laws, movements and culture. We are extending true friendship to each other. And I know that we can and must do more.

Here is what am asking of you:

  • Dare to have courageous conversations with those that disagree with you

  • Speak your truth when no one dares to

  • Share your privilege when you have it, with those who don't

In the near future, we will be having a series of conversations about how to shift the culture around us as we continue to live out our credo and our values. If you would like to be a Conversation Host, please let me know.

Also, Lisen Stromberg, Barbara Waxman, Noni Allwood and I are discussing a volunteer trip to the Mexican border where there are clear ways we can offer practical help and make a difference.
Contact us if you are interested. 

For other ways to jump in and get involved with our work, 
visit this page

I would love to hear your ideas to leverage this beautiful, amazing community of women to change our culture and create the world we want to see.

We need your action. I believe that when we act together, our potential is limitless.

In partnership,


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