Celebrating black philanthropy month

In honor of Black Philanthropy Month, each week in August we will explore different aspects of Black philanthropy and showcase the Black philanthropists making an impact in our communities. 

Week 1 (August 11): This is What a Philanthropist Looks Like

In the first week, we will discuss the landscape and data of Black philanthropy from individual donors to giving circles to corporate giving. We will debunk myths and misconceptions about black philanthropists.

Join a panel discussion with Black philanthropists who are giving in different ways to learn how they give differently and their hope for the future of philanthropy. They will share their advice and tips on how to give more directly in the Black community.

Week 2 (August 18): Spotlighting Black Nonprofit Leaders 

Meet the Black nonprofit leaders to bet on and learn how they approach impact differently. They will discuss why philanthropy matters for our community. Learn about the

Black Philanthropy Month-Social Campaign

funding discrepancies in nonprofits led by women of color, and hear from the panel on the funding challenges they have faced firsthand as nonprofit leaders. 

Week 3 (August 25): Leveraging Technology and Philanthropy for Scale and Success

Understand how tools like Facebook and YouTube have been helpful in democratizing philanthropic efforts. Learn what tools are having the most impact for giving in the Black community. We will also discuss the recent announcements from many tech firms to contribute to the Black community towards structural change. Which companies are donating? Is this effective?


Week 4 (September 1): Black Board Leadership in Philanthropy

In our last session, we will explore the intersection of race and nonprofit boards from the perspective of nonprofit leaders and board members. Learn the unique value that Black directors bring to nonprofit boards. Hear from nonprofit leaders how they have approached building their boards, and how has race played a factor. 

This is what a philanthropist looks like.