On January 20, 2018, Women's March Bay Area will unite in San Jose and San Francisco to reaffirm our commitment to building a positive and just future for all, and to celebrate the spirit of resistance efforts over the past year. This rally is designed to engage and empower all people to support women's rights, human rights, social and environmental justice, and to encourage participation in 2018 midterm elections.

Build your daughter's civic and political leadership? IGNITE has discussion guides and tool kits for mothers to engage their daughters in elections and political activities here

Equal Rights Advocates has stood with women, children, and families for over 40 years. Today, our hard-fought rights and gains are in peril. Our team of lawyers and advocates need your voice now more than ever to firmly stand for equality and justice. 

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Sign the petition to ask President Obama to immediately appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court

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